About Us

Welcome to The Ramara Chronicle.

We are here to write about and celebrate the life and times of Ramara Township, offering readers a locally produced source of community news, columns and feature articles.

Ramara is all about the people who live here, and we will seek to reflect this vibrant, growing community in our coverage of its residents and events. Our community identity will populate our pages.

We believe our history is an important part of who we are today, and will bring to life stories that have been lost in time, recognizing the people who were among the first to see the potential of this area. We will pay tribute to those who came before us by writing about their challenges and triumphs.

We will blend our past with our future, and document our township’s growth. Our best kept secret as a recreational paradise has been discovered, and we are on the brink of exciting times.

We will bring you up to date on plans and projects, and do our best to keep you current on council decisions and new developments.

In addition to publishing bi-monthly, we will actively participate in and cover local events, seeking opportunities to help create new projects and community events designed to draw people to the area and help stimulate its economy.

We would not have been able to create The Ramara Chronicle without the broad support we have enjoyed from local clubs and organizations throughout the township.

In assembling our network of contributors, we have encountered an abundance of local talent. You will see your friends and neighbours featured as local volunteer correspondents whose diverse, creative skills have helped produce editorial content that we believe will offer something of interest to just about everyone.

A special thank you goes to our advertisers, who give their support to our concept. Their belief in the potential of Ramara Township and the need for a local publication allows us to bring you the Ramara Chronicle.

Ramara has stories to tell, and we are here to cover them. We hope to inform, entertain and perhaps even surprise you with our content. So sit back, relax and enjoy your read.

Darleen Cormier, publisher,

Rob McCormick, managing editor